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“一切都來得太突然了,我甚至都還沒準備好 ………”


“It happened so suddenly, yet I am not ready to face it ………”

When you were told to have cancer with peritoneal metastasis, and there is only 6 to 12 months to go!!!
We hope we can help you to get much more time by HIPEC, and even longer ......


八大電視台 健康NO.1 癌細胞可以被燙死

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八大電視台 健康NO.1 癌細胞可以被燙死

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萬芳醫院從2000年開始嘗試第一例的腫瘤減量手術合併腹腔熱化療,治療胃癌合併有腹腔轉移的病例,並於2002年開始常規的施行此項治療, 隨後並擴展到其他各式各樣的癌症。

謝茂志 醫師 提供

Wan-Fang Hospital started to perform CRS (cytoreduction surgery) plus HIPEC (hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy) at 2000, to treat the first case of gastric cancer with peritoneal metastasis. Since 2002, it became a regular procedure and treat many kinds of cancers at the present.
Till now, we are experienced with this procedure. The complication and death rates declined and even better than many other hospitals in the world. It is not suitable for every patient. We welcome you to make an appointment for further consultations.

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